Project Management

Exhibition Project Management

Whether you're an Association or Magazine organising your own event or an Exhibitor attending a trade show: Lincoln West specialises in exhibition project management. If the project management of your exhibition takes up a large proportion of your time, we can assist you. We add value, expertise and experience to your exhibition, we remove your project management work load, allowing you more time for other priorities. We believe project management is fundamental to excellent exhibition results. To demonstrate where our exhibition project management can add value, we have put together a ‘Seven Step Plan’ for your next exhibition. Read 'The Lincoln West Seven Step Plan'

The Lincoln West Seven Step Plan

1. If you are already thinking of attending a particular show then Lincoln West can begin to offer you initial guidance and support. After discussing your exhibition objectives, we will contact the show organisers to determine a space that would best compliment your show objectives. We offer this unique initial consultancy free of charge as we understand the benefits that can be gained from planning ahead.

2. Once you have chosen to partner with Lincoln West we will analyse your requirements and exhibition objectives. From this we will look to contact a number of our familiar suppliers in order to provide you with a stand design solution to match your objectives and budget.

3. Lincoln West can also get involved with the pre-show marketing of your show, from arranging and negotiating any advertising in the show catalogue or trade press, to PR, mail eshots, social media or postal mailings. We are happy to consult in this area to chose mediums that will fit with your company's brand & strategy.

4. Now the project is will underway Lincoln West are able to coordinate any issues on your behalf, whilst maintaining contact with you at regular intervals. All key decisions are run past you but the time, expertise & pressure on getting you to this position is managed by Lincoln West.

5. By the time the exhibition arrives, we are able to coordinate the shipping of the stand along with any supporting literature and ensure that when your sales team arrives, the stand is in good order ready to impress your clients.

6. During the show you will have access to an on-site manager to deal with any issues that may arise, and who will be at your complete disposal, we will also look to coordinate feedback from your staff and visitors.

7. Following the show we will provide a full report against the objectives laid out beforehand, look at areas of success and areas to work on so every project gets better and better.

Remember - As soon as you decide to attend an event, Lincoln West can start adding value to your exhibition experience.

We look forward to working with you.

Please note: Every client and every project is unique and Lincoln West will provide as much or as little support as you require to meet your needs & objectives.